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Dates with The Doors: The Chronology of Jim Morrison and The Doors Courtney Purcell

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Dates with The The Chronology of Jim Morrison and The Doors is a comprehensive, day-to-day almanac of the legendary rock ‘n’ roll singer and the band who symbolized the turmoil and counterculture of the Vietnam era. Dates with The The Chronology of Jim Morrison and The Doors explores in detail the daily activities of this groundbreaking band and includes biographies of every individual (from Harrison Ford to Andy Warhol to Sharon Tate) and performing artist (from Jimi Hendrix to The Rolling Stones and the Beatles) with a relationship to The Doors. Courtney Purcell spent twenty years researching and writing Dates with The The Chronology of Jim Morrison and The Doors. An almost-obsessive Doors fan since his teen years, Courtney's interest in the band refined as he matured and his appreciation for Doors music (and music in general) deepened, resulting in thousands of hours of research and insider interviews. While many of the intimate details in the book stem from personal interviews with Doors confidantes and acquaintances (and even Jim Morrison’s lovers), many also come from exhaustive research into books, magazines, the Internet, and old newspapers. Courtney has dug through the entire trash heap of archived Doors material to uncover the whole story of the band. He met all of the band’s remaining members, including Ray Manzarek (who has since passed), who praised the book and was clearly impressed with Courtney's efforts, and visited and photographed countless historic Doors landmarks in the course of preparing this book.

368 pages, Paperback

November 17, 2015 by BackcountryExplorer

9780692404300 (ISBN10: 0692404309)