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Life in the Slow Lane: Tales of Covered Bridges Written by and for People Who Love Them by Reiman Publications, Jerry Wiebel (Editor)

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The country charm and allure of old covered bridges inspired thousands of Reiman Publications magazine readers to send us their stories and photos for our new book, Life in the Slow Lane.We selected the best of the best and put together this handsome volume full of gorgeous pictures, personal recollections and heartfelt memories. Life in the Slow Lane looks at covered bridges from a what they meant to us point of view -- spanning the countryside with stories written by people who fondly cherish these noble, sheltered links to the horse drawn past.Life in the Slow Lane lets you sit back and enjoy a relaxing moment by the old mill stream -- from the comfort of your favorite chair -- as you page through photo after photo of more than 200 different covered bridges. You'll read nearly that many tales told by folks who remember them from days gone by as the perfect places for horses and buggies weathering a storm, for Children playing hide-and-seek and for young couples courtin' and sparkin'.Its nostalgia-filled chapters include Childhood Memories of growing up near covered bridges, Kissing and Telling all about the lifelong relationships forged under cover, The Grand-daddies of all covered bridges, Haunted Memories of spooky bridge legends, plus tales of folios who built their own covered Labors of Love and much, much more.

Hardcover, 164 pages
Published November 1st 1998 by Reiman Media Group
0898212405 (ISBN13: 9780898212402)
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