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Many Thorns, Yet Still Roses: Breaking the Silence with our Story of Sibling Group Adoption

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When it comes to adoption transitions, only few have dared to share the whole truth. Jessie is of the few.

When Jessie and Jordan open their hearts and home to children in need, their lives are instantly changed in more ways than they could have imagined. Jessie gives you a front row seat from which you will experience the overwhelming lows and heartwarming highs of their first year as a foster and adoptive family. No topic is taboo, for she tells it all. From her struggles to maintain faith, her worries over not being enough, her fears in the moments where everything seems to be falling apart, and her devastation in finding that there is always a next obstacle, she is breaking the silence. She paints detailed pictures of the most complicated situations, where many will wonder, "Why would anyone sign up for that?"

And the answer is simple. There is hope and beauty in the ugliest of circumstances. God's plan is bigger than each of us. The phrase "Things could be worse," really means "There is a rose amongst the thorns."

380 pages, Paperback

March 22, 2018 by Jessie Gallaher

9780999843710 (ISBN10: 0999843710)