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Obscene Bliss by Thomas E. Coughlin

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Margaret Kelly thinks differently than most people, which is both her strength and potential undoing. Behind her cover girl looks is a keen intellect and an almost fanatical drive for personal and material success. However, at age thirty eight, the former Maggie May Keogh faces a dilemma fully understood by those physically blessed, the creeping advance of middle age. It will prompt her to jeopardize family, career, and a devoted husband.

Obscene Bliss is the sequel to the best-selling Maggie May's Diary and chronicles the boisterous marriage of the brash Maggie May and the solid Brian Kelly. The coastline of Wells Beach, Maine, the gentrified suburbs of Bedford, New Hampshire and a middle class neighborhood in Lowell, Massachusetts provide the stage for a passionate battle of wills that embodies deceit, sex and friendship.

Original Title
Obscene Bliss
0966620232 (ISBN13: 9780966620238)

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