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The Complete Guide to Turkey Taxidermy: How to Prepare Fans, Beards, and Body Mounts Todd Triplett

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Taking a trophy gamebird is always a special moment for a hunter. To preserve forever that memory of a special day afield, many hunters like to have their trophy gamebird mounted. Since taking an animal to a taxidermist is expensive and time-consuming, many hunters are choosing to do the taxidermy work themselves. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO TURKEY TAXIDERMY shows you how.
Written by master taxidermist Todd Triplett, this complete guide to do-it-yourself taxidermy includes information on all aspects of the process of preserving your prized turkey. Included are chapter

Ø The importance of proper field care.
Ø Anatomy, as accurate reference, is critical for quality duplication
Ø Tools and materials, detailing the best possible tools for the job
Ø Methods of preservation, including dry preservative and tanning
Ø Preparing a fan and cape.
Ø Mounting a flying bird and mounting a strutting bird
Ø Choosing a head, and painting the head and feet

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TOTURKEY TAXIDERMY takes you through each step of the process, providing everything you need to know to start working. No taxidermist should be without this instructive reference guide.

176 pages, Hardcover

January 1, 2003 by Lyons Press

9781585748532 (ISBN10: 1585748536)