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The Triumph of Individual Style: A Guide to Dressing Your Body, Your Beauty, Your Self Carla Mason Mathis

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The Triumph of Individual Style  is a step-by-step guide to developing your personal style and choosing clothes that bring out your true beauty. Join the thousands of others who have used this book as a vital tool for understanding body types, color and personal style. In addition to being known as the "bible" of the image industry and used as a textbook at Cornell, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and design schools across the country,  The Triumph of Individual Style  contains: " The Triumph of Individual Style  is a triumph for women everywhere! Whether you are an image consultant (style or color), an art student, a clothes-aholic, or just generally interested in what type of pants might look good on your body.....this is the book for you! When I first bought this book, I was a woman who just wanted to find a pair of pants that fit! I was so inspired by its content that I have become a serious student of style and color. I have had the fortune of taking a number of wonderful style and color classes from one of the authors, Carla Mathis, and have been trained with her Signature System. I can't recommend the book or her new system highly enough! Enjoy!"- Lucy Hunt


January 1, 1993 by Timeless Editions

9780963222305 (ISBN10: 0963222309)